With more than 150 box sizes in stock, we have the materials and the know-how to pack and ship just about anything just about anywhere. Packing fragile items is our specialty.

Gift Wrapping
We offer a year-round gift wrapping service, with many beautiful styles to choose from at each store. We can gift wrap your items before shipping, or we can wrap while you wait. Aditional charges may apply for extra large items or items that require special packaging, but we can gift wrap just about anything!

Pickup Service
We can arrange to pick up at your location. Pick up fees vary based on location and volume.

Fax Service (Sending and receiving)
We offer domestic and international fax services at all locations. For the fax numbers of each store location, click here.

Mailing Service We process and meter outgoing mail.
You can bring it to us or we can arrange a daily pick up for an extra fee. Le us be your mailing department!

Commercial Accounts
We welcome monthly charge accounts to qualified businesses. Very convenient! Eliminates petty cash purchases, multiple check writing and employees standing in lines at UPS, FedEx and the Post Office. Statements sent out monthly with detailed transaction information.

Bulk Mail If you're sending at least 200 identical pieces of mail in the East Texas area, we can save you money by sending them bulk mail. Certain restrictions apply and this service is provided only at Store #3. Call or eMail Jana for details.